Particle illusion create flying photo particles HOW?

in basic tutorial using bcc particular it can be done but how do you use it using particle illusion.

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You can set custom sprites in Particle Illusion and the sprites can be either a single image or a series of images. You might want to check out some of the tutorial videos here : Boris FX | Videos


if i use multiple images do i need to separate them in time or is it ok if they are in rows overlapping timeline.


Well to start, you’ll need to have the multi-frame images that you wish to use as individual png or jpegs in a folder. Then add an emitter to the stage in PI, twirl open the properties group and click on the shape image icon. Then click on import shape, select the image and then use the apply button to return to the main PI UI.


look at the video i have no option to select the image folder

i went into properties and selected shape and imported only 1 image but what about the rest.
i want to add all images so it is randomized.
then select an effect and play with it.

can you make short video and upload it here
upload video on

Your images need to be named so they create a sequence: Image001.jpg, Image002.jpg, Image003.jpg, etc. Then when you import you’ll have the option to use the sequence.

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Works with png sequence only not jpg