Particle Illusion effect not showing up in Avid

I’m new to this plugin but I followed the video tutorial and rewatched several times, but cant seem to find why this is not working.

I applied a smoke particle and used the mocha tracker to track the spot in the frame where I wanted the smoke to emanate from. The track path shows up back in the Avid effects mode so I know that is working. When I go back into the particle illusion UI, the smoke effect shows up and it is even tracking to the correct spot in the preview window. So the effect looks fine in Particle Illusion. When I click apply, and get back to the Avid timeline, the effect is not there.

Anyone experience this before? Am I doing something wrong?



It’s difficult to know what the cause of the problem is without reviewing the project - if you can you set up a project that demonstrates the problem and send that to me I’d be happy to review it for you in an effort to understand what may be causing the result that you are seeing. My email address is


Hi Peter,

I finally figured it out. There was something turned on by default that shouldn’t have been. It was just a test project, so I’ve deleted it and forgot what the setting was.

Thanks for the reply.