Particle illusion - emitte particles from Text Shape

Can you please give some guidance on how you created the fire text effect eg how the particles were emitted from the text shape on the fire and dust demo.

Here’s a video for you (I pasted the wrong link first but edited it):

Thanks, but this is what I had seen. It shows the text already made into particles and then the fire constructed from there.
I would like to know how the particles were placed into the text in the first place.


Ah, okay. We have a full-length tutorial video coming out soon that shows everything, but basically you add an area emitter that covers the text and set the particle alpha option to “get alpha from layer”. It’s too detailed to type all the steps here, so best to wait for the full video.

Hey there! Not sure this is really what you’re after, but this is a preset I created for Particle Emitter 3D which works very well for us here (after watching one of the videos) :slight_smile: I keyframe and change a few parameters at the end to have the particles fly towards the viewer and it’s quite lovely :slight_smile: (2.9 KB)

and here’s one video where you can see that fire text effect being used in the opening title (it’s on a bit long to cover up a botched start of the recording :wink: )…

Thanks again
I will have another play, but will wait till full tutorial is available

Looking forward to this.

Sorry, I forgot to post the link here – it was released a couple weeks ago. Quite in-depth but a lot of great tips in here:

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@Alan_Lorence Hello, the particles are less then orignal logo. Is there a way to make particles converged to orignal logo without hole?