Particle Illusion Emitters Library not installing with Vegas

Hi, Does anyone know how to get the latest Particle Illusion Emitters library installed for use in Vegas? In earlier versions of Continuum it worked fine but now after upgrade to 2022 I cannot see the additional emitters in the BCC Particle Illusion Vegas plug-in. The standalone Particle Illusion has all the additional emitters installed and works OK.

All the following software was installed to the default paths.

Continuum 2022 (v15.0.0) for OFX (Vegas 18 Build 527).
Windows 10 Pro 21H2

Emitter Libraries are in the usual place:

BCC FX Browser - Particle Illusion shows only the emitters found in:
C:\ProgramData\BorisFX\Continuum\15\Presets\BCC Particles\BCC Particle Illusion

Clicking the ‘Reset’ button and selecting either options does not help. I have also tried reinstalling everything and it makes no difference.

They are different formats, one is Emitter and the other is Preset.

You should launch Particle Illusion to browse those Emitters.

Could you include a screenshot showing the problem to be sure we understand the issue?

He wants all Emitters to display in FX Browser.

In the FX Browser I can only see Presets. There doesn’t seem to be any way to access Emitters. How would I access the Emitters? Do I have to use Standalone Particle Illusion to create a preset for the emitter(s) I want to use and and then import the preset into Vegas in some way?

@andrew2 On the timeline in Vegas right click & add an empty event, or a solid colour, or media of your choice, jpg, mp4 etc, & drag on Particle Illusion fx.
You have the choice of opening a Preset from the FX Browser, click Apply & that will put it on your timeline in Vegas, you can then click ‘Launch Particle Illusion’, inside there you can edit that preset’s emitters,
Or you can just open ‘Launch Particle Illusion’ & add whatever emitters you want, click ‘Apply’ bottom right & they will be on the timeline in Vegas

& you can save emitters to a library folder (Custom is the premade default)
To create your own Custom Library got to -
Local Disk(C) - Program Data - BorisFX - UserEmitterLibraries
copy & paste to the same folder - Custom.il3 & rename it to whatever you want, keep the .il3 at the end.
that folder will then show in Particle Illusion & you can save your custom emitters to it.