Particle Illusion imported assets from Optics


I’m trying to follow your awesome tutorial for cinemagraphs from Create Cinemagraphs in Photoshop & Lightroom with Optics 2022.5 - YouTube.
The workflow I do is to add a PI effect in Optics then try ot launch stand-alone PI. When PI opens, only particles effect is import, the image isn’t imported.

Initially I used 2022.5 versions for applications. I tried to upgrade to the latest versions; currently PI standalone is version 2023 and Optics is still 2022.5.
Now when I open PI from Optics, it opens version 2022.5 not the latest one.

Is the image missing in PI a known issue?
Is there a workaround for it or will be fixed in the next/future release?

Above the stage in PI there are some buttons – one of them sets the preview mode. Make sure it’s not set to preview on black.

Optics needs to use 2022.5 right now – it can’t use 2023 until the next Optics update.

Hope this helps!

Hi Alan,

Thank you for pointing this out!
Changing the Composite over Black to Composite over Source Video is “the right setting”.
A UX improvement idea would be to have Composite over Sourve Video as default if the option is enabled.

Thanks again!

You’re not the first one to have this issue – I’ll see if we can bump that change up the priority list.


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