Particle Illusion imported assets from Optics


I’m trying to follow your awesome tutorial for cinemagraphs from Create Cinemagraphs in Photoshop & Lightroom with Optics 2022.5 - YouTube.
The workflow I do is to add a PI effect in Optics then try ot launch stand-alone PI. When PI opens, only particles effect is import, the image isn’t imported.

Initially I used 2022.5 versions for applications. I tried to upgrade to the latest versions; currently PI standalone is version 2023 and Optics is still 2022.5.
Now when I open PI from Optics, it opens version 2022.5 not the latest one.

Is the image missing in PI a known issue?
Is there a workaround for it or will be fixed in the next/future release?

Above the stage in PI there are some buttons – one of them sets the preview mode. Make sure it’s not set to preview on black.

Optics needs to use 2022.5 right now – it can’t use 2023 until the next Optics update.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Alan,

Thank you for pointing this out!
Changing the Composite over Black to Composite over Source Video is “the right setting”.
A UX improvement idea would be to have Composite over Sourve Video as default if the option is enabled.

Thanks again!

You’re not the first one to have this issue – I’ll see if we can bump that change up the priority list.


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it’s been a long time now that PI 2023 is out when can we expect to have it in Optics ? It’s kind of frustrating. I am kind of holding back tu renew my license until this comes out :slight_smile: