Particle illusion in hitfilm

Will Particle illusion ofx install into Hitfilm Pro? I am using the standalone, but would like to try it out in Hitfilm. I know that HF has a huge particle system already, but Particle Illusion is just so much more user friendly, to me anyways.
I did download the ofx version, and it installs, I just dont see it in HF or Vegas Pro.
Any help would be amazing!

You need to install BCC OFX. Boris FX | Downloads

The standalone version of Particle Illusion (PI) is a standalone product only - it does not operate as an OFX plugin. As mentioned above by SummaryActivityNot, you would need to purchase Boris Continuum Complete as PI is included as part of the BCC suite. Alternatively, you can purchase PI as premium filter -

Under the Support heading of please note the different support arrangements for the standalone, premium and BCC versions.

I’ve got the current release and build of BCC, and PI appears an an FX in the current versions/builds of both Vegas Pro 19 and HitFilm Pro though I have not used PI in the latter.