Particle Illusion is not visible in Adobe After Effects 2021. Can you help?

I purchased a bundle of plug-ins from Triune this afternoon, which included the supposedly full version of Particle Illusion. However, after going through the installation, and restarting AE three times, I cannot find it in the plug-in listings.
Did I miss something?
I am able to open it as a stand-alone, but it isn’t in my AE, which is where I really need it to be!
I purchased the bundle, specifically for the Particle Illusion, because my Trapcode license expired, and can no longer use Particular.

Have you tried typing “particle” into the AE effects search window? If that doesn’t help, contact BorisFX support.

Did you receive a proper “Particle Illusion Premium” activation code from 5DayDeal?

To be clear on their bundle: They have 3 options for sale and the paid Particle Illusion plugin is only part of the “Complete Charity Bundle” which is $166 and not $99.

If you bought this bundle option, you should have received an activation code and download instructions. I suspect that you downloaded and installed the standalone Particle Illusion application and not the plugin which is a subset of Continuum.

I believe you need to install “Continuum” to access the PI plugin.

I’m having a little trouble finding which bundle I purchased. Can you help me make sense of it all?

You should have received an email from 5DayDeal which has instructions on redeeming the products you purchased.

We suggest that you contact them as we have no way of verifying a sale from a 3rd party.

If you purchased the bundle that includes Particle Illusion, it will instruct you to visit this redemption page to register and receive the correct download link:

Again, to see Particle Illusion plugin inside After Effects, the “Continuum” product for Adobe must be installed, not the standalone Particle Illusion installer.