Particle Illusion is not visible in Adobe After Effects CS6. Can you help?

Hi! Who can help!

System: Windows 7 Home Premium, i5, 20GB Ram, NVidia Off Board Video.

I’ve Downloaded Particle Illusion Standalone 14.5.3 Windows 64-Bit.
Everything is fine on installation and Standalone works fine.
But in Adobe After Effects, Particle Illusion doesn’t show up in the Filters menu, doesn’t show up in the Plugins list, doesn’t show up in search, anywhere.
Did I miss something?
Can you help me solve this?


Hi There.

Well … sorry to be the bearer of news that you might not want to hear but the version of After Effects that you are using is 12 years old and not supported with our state of the art particle system. Sorry.

Here’s our supported host listing : Boris FX | Host-compatibilities


Also the free Standalone version of Particle Illusion does not show up in any host. You need the version of Particle Illusion that comes with Continuum to get the host plugin version, although as Peter mentions AE CS6 is too old to be a supported host.


I suspected this might be the problem, but I wasn’t sure.
Thanks Peter and JClement for the answers and explanation!!