Particle Illusion issues

Recently I had my particle Illusion license switch over to Mac from windows. All seemed to be working great. I had window appear stating to upgrade my sapphire. I wasn’t sure why it showed up but I thought it might have something to do with my particle Illusion app. I’m not sure if this caused my problems but not if I try to open particle Illusion stand alone I get a detailed error message. Particle Illusion will open in After Effects and Premiere. However After Effects seems to lockup at times after doing an edit in PI and returning to After Effects. Premiere seems to work alright.

I am wondering now how to proceed. I am thinking of uninstalling particle Illusion stand alone and re-installing to see if that helps. I am hoping that that will not affect the plug in version. Can you tell me if that would cause any problems with the plugin version?

I now have a sapphire browser app I will delete. Any advice will be appreciated.

PI plugin and Standalone share the same emitter library folders (and other data folders).

If your PI plugin and PI standalone are both the same version, there’s no reason to have PISA installed, as it’s exactly the same as the plugin, and you can run the plugin version standalone.

The only reason to have both PISA and the plugin installed together is if they are different versions.

You need to post the error message you’re seeing.