Particle Illusion - Mocha tracking in Vegas 19?

Hi, I’m trying to understand this, I put an emitter where i want it on the vid track in PI

In Vegas the emitter is where i want it but the + is offset

I open Mocha to make the emitter track the vid object

The track point World & Emitter are offset like like in Vegas, I can track ok
& it’s not a problem as such but i’m just trying to understand why there is an offset,

I usually just track the “World”. This seems to work fine.

When I tried to track the emitter it gets confusing. In particle illusion ui you need to keep the emitter in the center. Once you return to Vegas the emitter will follow the track. But it’s quite confusing to edit this way. What you see in particle illusion ui is not what you get in Vegas.

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Thanks, just tried that, did the tracking first with World only, then when applied a PI with a double click & it put it where I put the blue World Center in Mocha :+1:

If you first add particles and then do the tracking, the scene will shift by the tracker offset amount so you would need to go back into the PI UI and reposition the starting point of the emitter. If you first do the tracking however, the PI UI will be aware of the tracking info so when you add emitters they will automatically align to the right place. Basically if you track first and add particles afterward it will make your life easier.


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