Particle illusion not working outside of browsing sample

I’m doing a stand-alone particle illusion effect, which won’t manifest in the main viewing window, regardless of preset. The backdrop also won’t switch to transparent checkerboard background. Any ideas why?
Mac OS using M1 issue?

Hi, I just recreated your screen, top right it shows project aspect ratio, why have you set the project settings to 6016 x 3172? that’s big
I get the same when i set it to that, no checkerboard, change the project size in View Project settings to more like HDTV 1080 or UHD 4K

That’s the size of my project. I tried lower resolution projects and presets. They also wouldn’t apply the chosen particle emitter.
I followed step by step instructions to ensure I wasn’t missing something.
I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling restarting, and there are numerous bugs.
Now, none of the UI will show upon opening, unless I go into full screen mode.

Ok i just tried an 8k 7680 x 4320 in host using the plugin version, changed it to 3D at the top of the preview screen :+1:
It works also if i use the standalone 8k project size with it set to 3D :+1:
(Both pics look the same so i’ve just posted the plugin pic capture)

Possibly an M1 issue, not sure.

The Fullscreen mode happens to me sometimes too – the only way to avoid it right now is to make sure the PI window is not maximized (make sure it doesn’t fill the entire screen – drag it slightly smaller).

I use Final Cut Pro, so the stand alone appears to be the best I can use.
The top resolution it allows is 5k. Anything above and it’s cut off.
Thanks for the feedback!

Ah, that’s a known issue. We’ll be releasing an update to the standalone version very soon that will fix that.