Particle Illusion OFX clipping/out of gamut

I replicated a pyrotechnic effect from Dan Harvey’s demo of Particle Illusion for colorists. I have the composite style set to alpha + apply mode, screen, with reduced opacity.

The effect looks pretty good but the highlights are pretty severely clipped and I am not able to see any way to bring it into range (Rec 709) without also compromising the source (bg) clip.

How can I control the luminance range of Particle Illusion? TIA for any help.

Hi There,

Thanks for trying out BCC Particle Illusion - as you’ve discovered, it’s quite possible to generate some very hot levels with certain emitters. The only solution I can currently offer is to try adding the BCC Broadcast Safe filter above the instance of Particle Illusion and either select one of the presets or use Custom mode to set the levels manually.

When you have a moment to try this, please let me know how it works for you.


Hi Peter,

Thanks for the suggestion. I played around with the BCC Broadcast Safe filter and while it does affect the levels of the Particle effect, it doesn’t really allow me to adjust it as I would like; it’s a somewhat blunt instrument, if I may.

Ideally, PI would allow some provision for adjusting exposure, gain and chroma of the effect, separate from the source/input. Call it a feature request.

I’ll continue to explore Particle Illusion. Thanks for adding the webinar replay on the Continuum training site, that will allow me to revisit Dan’s comments and workflow, that is helpful.