Particle Illusion Plug in and Mocha Tracking

After playing with the free version of Particle Illusion for a couple of weeks, I purchased the plug in version to use with Adobe Premier and AE, I have it in my Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13 with 16 GB ram. Every time I go to track an Emitter Offset in the included Mocha Motion Tracker, I click on the Track arrow and the program crashes and shuts down. Any idea why this would be happening? is 16GB not enough RAM? Is there something else I am missing here?

I don’t think RAM is the issue. I suggest contacting our support team so it gets properly documented and diagnosed.

How do I do that? I thought that is what I was doing with this ticket?

Oh — I see this is from the forum — sorry. Way to early here on the west coast. Thanks for your help.

If you do not mind could you please help us, as well.
we also worked for couple of days with free version of Particle Illusion and we decided to purchase the official program. but somehow it does not work properly. is there any way we can covert the free version art work into official one.

for your information, i also leave the message through official website chat box.

I am really looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you for your time and cooperation.
Yours Sincerely,

Hi There. Anything you create in the free version of Particle Illusion can be saved as a project file from within the Particle Illusion user interface. Then you can open the saved project in the paid version of the product and continue to work with it or just render it into your composition. So that’s, from within Particle Illusion, File>Save As and then set the destination and file name. Then, in the paid version, File>Open and select the saved file - then just apply back to the host. Cheers, Peter.