Particle Illusion Plug in and Mocha Tracking

After playing with the free version of Particle Illusion for a couple of weeks, I purchased the plug in version to use with Adobe Premier and AE, I have it in my Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13 with 16 GB ram. Every time I go to track an Emitter Offset in the included Mocha Motion Tracker, I click on the Track arrow and the program crashes and shuts down. Any idea why this would be happening? is 16GB not enough RAM? Is there something else I am missing here?

I don’t think RAM is the issue. I suggest contacting our support team so it gets properly documented and diagnosed.

How do I do that? I thought that is what I was doing with this ticket?

Oh — I see this is from the forum — sorry. Way to early here on the west coast. Thanks for your help.