Particle Illusion Standalone 2022.5 does not install on Win 11

When doing the install setup, the setup gets to the Installing window and freezes. I can’t cancel and need to start Task Manager to end task on the Particle Illusion install. My C: drive has about 20gb space left on it and I have the latest nvidia drivers installed.

If you reboot your computer and try again, does it still hang?

Yes it still hangs after a reboot.

Is it antivirus blocking the installer? Do you have administrator permissions?

You can try creating a new user account and installing there – if it works that tells you there’s probably a permissions issue with the other account.

It’s tricky to debug this sort of thing – we’ve not seen it in our own testing, and the installer is essentially the same as it’s been for a few years.

Have you tried this again recently? We’ve not been able to reproduce, and haven’t had others reporting this AFAIK.