Particle Illusion Standalone - how to change background color?

Dear Forum,
I would like to use Particle Illusion with chroma key. How can I change/setup project with gree background?
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First, why not just render the particles with transparency (alpha channel)? It will be a cleaner result than removing the green. Choose one of the ProRes presets that include alpha in the PI Render dialog.

If you still want to render with a different color background – but at the expense of losing any alpha information – do an emitter search for “Solid Color”. There is one emitter that is a single very large particle that you can change the color of. (There’s currently no background color setting in PI).


Hi Alan,

Thank you for your update. I will try to export a .mov file with transparency - nver did that before 'cause I wasn’t aware that .mov supported transparency.
I exported 2 mp4 (one with alpha) and use them on Shotcut. That worked fine.
I will try to export a .mov file and see the results.

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