Particle illusion Standalone - massive lag and slow down?

Ever since I have upgraded to the newest standalone version of PI, it is virtually unusable on my machine. It lags completely and even using other programs at the same time is impossible because of the lag.
Previews of particles are very slow - and even using the search engine to type in the name of a particle takes upwards of 10-15 seconds to show the particles
Main screen particles are slow and I am constantly saving in case of a crash.

Is there something I can do to help fix this? Is there a legacy version of PISA?

Hi, someone from Boris will help, but could you share your PC specs, CPU, GPU & Ram & a screen grab of PI? also check Windows & Graphic drivers are up to date

When you say “upgraded to the newest standalone version of PI”, what version did you have before?

We need to know your system specs too.

Win 7 ultimate, AMD 6300 Six core, 8 gig ram, geforce gtx 750 ti
I have upgraded my drivers on my graphics card, but it is still running very slow and crashes frequently since the update to the drivers.
The version I had before was whatever the stand alone version of PI - I have been upgrading over the last year, but unfortunately, I do not know the version number before this upgrade - maybe in the last 3 months?

Hi, I suspect it’s your PC that is the prob Windows 7, 8GB of Ram & only a 2GB GPU, nearly 10yrs old.

You can try an older version of Particle Illusion:

Try those and see if you get the performance you had back again. I’d make sure to uninstall PI before installing the older version.

You may need to manually delete the UserEmitterLibraries folder after uninstalling and before installing each version too.

Thank you for the legacy link.

If you have a version that is running faster for you, please let me know which one it is!

I suspect it is the one before we added caching, but that still doesn’t explain why emitter searching or selection is so slow for you in the latest version.