Particle illusion standalone or Continuum "Internal data stream error"

I have both the free FX partical illusion Standalone, and the Continuum Particle illision that came with vegas 18 pro suite. I have a windows 10 pc running 64bit. If I try to render “Anything” other than the .MOV file, with the Apple driver, I get “internal data stream error”. I read on the internet to install k-lite codec pack, so i did, and no dice. same problem. has anyone else ran into this? and if so, how did you fix it?

Also having this issue, have you heard from BorisFX regarding this?

Hi there,

I just successfully rendered an mp4 file from PI on Windows. I selected the following :
Format = ISO .mp4
Codec = OpenH.264 encoder
Type = YUV 4.2.0 video

Are you saying that these options are not available to you or that you see that internal data stream message when you try to render using those settings?


Good morning Peter, thank you for getting back to me so quickly!

It doesn’t seem to matter which settings I choose, I get the same error. Here is a screenshot. I am using Windows 10 with an Asus MB, 64gb memory 2tb solid state m.2 drive and RTX 3070 graphics card. If any of that makes a difference. I also tried installing VLC codec pack but that didn’t help.

Good Morning Rolan,

Hmmm … I wonder what the difference is with our systems as I’m able to export just fine and you are not. I’ll ask some others here with a similar system to give it a shot and report back their findings.


Thank you Peter.

I also tried uninstalling and installing the previous version under “legacy” software, updating my motherboard drivers, graphics card drivers and a different Windows user account.

Hi Rolan,

I think we should move this over to support - someone on that team will have time to work with you and tweak your setup so that you can export from PI in a format other than .mov.

You should open up a case with this here : Boris FX | Open a Case


Thank you Peter. I’ve opened up a ticket.

Here is the email I received from Victor. Doesn’t sound like they are able to help me.