Particle Illusion Standalone vs Plugin

I see that the Standalone is free. I do have the plugin for Vegas Pro and am wondering if I worked outside of Vegas with the standalone, can any project I create in it be brought into Vegas for “fine tuning”?

I’ve passed along the link for the standalone to a couple of friends that have Vegas Pro.

Sure, you should be able to do that. You would be best served if you’re running the same versions of Particle Illusion though.

Consider this :
• the version that you have includes both the plug-in and a standalone option but the older standalone version that you have does not include the render option - you can only render from within the host
• you can render out to disc from the new free standalone version of particle illusion that was released today (june 17)
• the new version of Continuum (13.5.1 which is being published tonight, june 17) includes the render option in the standalone version

If I update Continuum (I have the full version 2020.5), then the render option will be available and Render in the standalone.
Thanks! Can’t wait!

Yep, it’ll be posted up to the web site tonight and because you are current with your 2020.5 license it’s a free update. :slight_smile:

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I’m curious – what conversation lead to the marketing decision to give this away for free?

To be totally honest, I feel that to some extent it devalues the investment that professionals pay for the benefit of using this lovely tool as part of continuum.

I think to get more people to try the fx and see what other things Boris offers.
Since it can not be used within the editor itself, you can not composite easily.
Why does Resolve have a free version? To get people into Resolve. The paid version has more features, etc.
I have no problem with Boris doing this. Continuum is a great product.

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