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Standalone Particle illusion - Training continually references properties I can’t access

I’m going through the Particle illusion Training Series, Getting Started, 04- Emitters Controls

It’s not worth doing if the properties that the trainer uses are not available to me and some that they demonstrate I don’t have.

For instance, the trainers talk about a property called “area” and I don’t have that property. In the the fourth training called “emitter controls”, the trainer has a property called “petals” but I don’t have that.

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Ah, I see the problem – those training videos were made before the node view was added. Before nodes, ALL parameters for an emitter and all of its particles were shown at the same time. After nodes were added, only the parameters for the selected node will show. So in the video you see “petals” in the parameter list with all of its parameters below it – in the current version of PI you’ll see a particle node named “petals”, and only when selecting it will you see its parameters.

It’s really a much better workflow than having everything showing in the controls view at one time.

Jump ahead to the 21 - Node View Workflow video – that might clarify it.

(We’re working on updating the older videos)


Hi, I can’t find that video in the Boris online videos, i think it has been removed so i can’t look & see,

the Area should be in the Shape dropdown

& the only Petals i can find are in the Rose Petal emitters,
Petals is just a name given to that part/shape of the emitter.

Alan posting at the same time :see_no_evil::grin: