Particle shape editor, create multiple shape images?

Hi, some of Particle shapes have a red play sign in the corner meaning they have a series of images,
I can Import an image but how can i create one of those multiple image options,
particle shape editor


To achieve that you’ll need to import a .jpg or .png image sequence. First, create or locate a folder containing numerically numbered sequence of jpeg or png images. Then add an emitter to the PI stage, and in the Control Panel drill down to the emitter properties and click on the Shape Image icon. In the window that appears where you can select a shape from the factory installed library, click on the Import Shape button. This action brings up the OS file browser and from there go to the folder with the image sequence. Select the first image in the sequence. Then, in the next pop-up window, set the image properties - size, whether you want it to be color or greyscale and enable the image sequence button. Then click Apply to commit the change and click the Apply button to complete the image shape selection and return to the Particle Illusion project.

I hope this helps!


Thanks Peter that helps a lot :+1:
I did have to learn something else 1st, I loaded a series of PNG’s into the Vegas timeline & rendered as an Image Sequence - PNG, It rendered a thousand+ images, i forgot my default size of imported images to Vegas is 10secs long & each second is 30fps :joy::man_facepalming:
I reduced each image on the clip to just 1 frame & rendered, It worked in Particle Illusion as i wanted,
I’m sure you know this but for any other novice like me out here…