ParticleIllusion Environmental Features

Didn’t WonderTouch ParticleIllusion use to have blockers, deflectors, and forces? I understand it’s newly integrated into BCC and an evolving product. I just want to check in on these because they are pretty useful when trying to integrate particles into a scene.

Hi Sam,

Yes, you are correct in that the old PI 3 had the features that you mentioned in your post - rest assured that we haven’t forgotten about them and they are all on a dev plan that will roll out these features over time. Our first goal was to bring the product to a place where it would be useful and then release it, which we have done and now the next phase is to improve performance and add back more of the features that were not included in the initial release, such as editable sprites, deflectors etc.

One feature that we added to the product that wasn’t there before is Mocha integration. With Mocha added to the product, emitters can be tracked into the scene and blocker style masks can be generated. So we’re getting there and this product will continue to evolve over time and will include more features with every update.


Great to hear. This past year I was asked quite a few time to enhance some product shots with steam and went the stock footage route because I didn’t have a great particle generator. Now that I have ParticleIllusion, I’m hoping I can use that to handle those types of requests.

BTW, great idea for a tutorial would be using BCC on product shots, such as food and beverages, to give them that extra polish.