ParticleIllusion Unit and Vegas: CPU usage only 25%

I am a long-time user of ParticleIllusion SE edition and recently purchased the new ParticleIllusion Unit for use with Vegas 16.

Of course I like to work with PI in the Vegas environment, but I noticed, that the usage of my CPU (Intel i9-9900k) never exceeded 25 % when playing a clip with PI effects in the preview window of Vegas (quite diminishing the preview quality).

I do not think, that my Vegas settings are at fault (having used Vegas since Version 2). Are there any settings in the PI Unit, which could increase the CPU usage?

Particle Illusion uses a mix of CPU and GPU so depending on the details of the project settings you may see lower CPU utilization because of GPU utilization and transfer times to/from the GPU, etc. The render time gets larger for projects with longer duration so keeping clips short will help, but this is also an area that should see improvements when the next update (12.0.1) is released. We don’t have an exact date for the next update yet, but it is getting closer.