Particles: bring to front, send to back

Hi, everyone.

Having several emitters in a project, how do can we manage their order, meaning which one is on front and back of each other. Organizing emitters (moving up and down) makes no difference on particle order.

Thank you


In 2D mode the order of emitters determines the drawing order. In 3D mode, the Z coordinate of the emitter “Position” determines the drawing order.

Hello Alan,
I must be missing something. The order is not affecting the drawing order. I did try exchaging to 3D and moving emitters on Z affected the particle size (particles far from camera) but PI drew them in front.
Gonna try again.

Ok, I got it.
Yes, it is working fine. Particle order determines the drawing order, indeed.
I didn’t notice it because I kept the project on pause. After scrolling or playing the timeline, it updates it self with the correct order.