Particles Illusions standalone for new version?

Hi BorisFX.

I saw the news on your site today about Particle Illusions coming back into being later this year. As a years-long user of the software, this news filled me with great joy as I am struggling to keep my old version still running on todays computers. Particle Illusions is a key tool in my creative toolkit and so news of an updated version is truly awesome…

…I hope!

After reading the news about it over and over, I see that the new Particle Illusions is to be included with Continuum 12 and Continuum Particles Unit. When I look at both versions of this software, they talk about “host software”, packages that they integrate with. I have none of the software listed.

Particle Illusions was a standalone piece of software that I could take my footage into, apply the particles to and then export out the new SFX footage from. My joy at the news of the new Particle Illusions coming out later this year is now shadowed by concerns that I won’t be able to use it as the vibe I’m getting is the new Particle Illusions will require a host application in order to work!

So I’m wondering if some light can be shed on this… My hope is that Particle Illusions will not need a host application to work, that it will have a standalone version along side it’s plug-in versions. Can you let me know if this is the case? Fingers crossed here for some great news (X)!!

Hi Paul,
I was recently having problems with the standalone and needed it two days ago for a job, I searched the Boris site and found a much newer version that installed fine after a previous uninstall (on windows 10 at least) and it got the job done for me with no issues. It might be worth checking out to keep you going in the meantime.

Hi Paul,

We were showing alpha level software at NAB this year with the goal of providing visitors to the booth a glimpse into what we’re going to deliver later this year, which includes Particle Illusion. When we ship the finished product we will be offering Particle Illusion as a plug-in as a companion to the particle systems that are available from within the Continuum product. We may offer Particle Illusion with a standalone option but I can’t offer any further comment on that at this point in time as it remains a work in progress - once we’re closer to the release date I’ll be free to offer more information. Stay tuned!
Thanks, Peter.

Thanks for the detailed reply, Peter. Keeping my fingers crossed for some good news on the standalone version of the new Particle Illusions…

Thanks, Shane. I’m running version 3.09 and while I can get it working, it’s not the most stable at times. But thanks again.