Particles Undesired Transparency

I don’t know why, no matter what brush I use, my particles always have some undesired degree of transparency. Also, when particles overlap, they get brighter and less transparent, because they are adding values to each other.
I have no idea on what’s wrong.
Any help is appreciated.



Check the Properties for the particles – I bet the “Intense” option is checked. That makes particles additive. Uncheck it and it should work as you expect.

Hi Alan,
Thanks for your input.
Intense is not selected as there is no gradient or solid colors used for transparency whatsoever. Only the bush included alpha.
Even when replacing my custom brush with any brush included in PI, the results were the same.
Weird, I cleared my project and just loaded another PI emitter (basket ball). Particles were looking fine. Then I replaced the basketball brush with my custom brush and the transparency was gone.
I will modify it and go forward on my project from here. Perhaps, the previous selected emitter might have had a “visibility” value below 100% and I didn’t notice that. I will try that one over again and check it out.
Again, thank you!


I have noticed that under the Emitter properties, Opacity always seems to default to 80%

There is no “default”. If the Opacity goes to 80%, it’s because the presets that you’re choosing are set that way.

I see. Fair nuf.
I most often start with Basic Emitter. Which is apparently set to 50%, not 80%. That, to me, seems an odd choice.
I see that all of the Basic-series emitters (including the emitter inside Basic Superemitter, but not the Superemitter itself) have opacity set at 50% (small numbers. I find them hard to read, so I’d previously misread that as 80).
That, in a way, is a “default” setting, since those are all basic starting points.