Particular window is unusable

It used to work until my license was expired. Upon renewal particular is unusable.

When I open Particular from AFTER EFFECTS, The window is maxed out with no menus clickable. Upon clicking ANYWHERE the window gets a bit smaller but I cannot choose emitters.

Then any click maximizes again without menus. Unsuable.

See video demo



Yep, that’s kind of frustrating alright but I’ve seen this a couple of times before. You might try using the control+1 key combo while particle illusion is the current selection to see if it helps restore the windows into a usable state. You’ll then need to resize the windows to the way you prefer them.

It seems to be named Boris FX Particle Illusion, but not (Red Giant Trapcode) Particular. :joy:

LOL! Oops! Thats what I meant. LOL

I meant particle illusion!


Just wondering if that trick helped you to regain control of the UI … when you have a chance could you please let me know?


Hello Paul
No that did not work. It seems to be a bug in the software. Jon kozenko helped me from the Boris support team. He recommended I go into the Windows registry and find a specific entry for particle illusion and delete it. Once I did that the software went back to normal
Here are the steps he provided to me that worked well

Close all programs you can (email can stay open) and then go into the Registry Editor. Inside here, expand the “HKEY_USERS” folder (not CURRENT USER), and then you will see a series of folders, with one or two long ones at the end. This folder is differently named on different systems, but on my system it’s called “S-1-5-21-1581893951-2886481207-1752743184-1002”, and yours should be as lengthy – Along with that, there’s also one called “S-1-5-21-1581893951-2886481207-1752743184-1002 Classes”, but if you see a “Classes” one, this isn’t the one you want.
Once inside here, expand “Software” and then expand “BorisFX” - inside here, there will be a folder for Paticle Illusion. Delete this folder and then Restart Windows.

Well I’m glad that you were able to solve that with an assist from Jon and thank you for posting the fix here for others to see should anyone else encounter a similar issue.