Paste mask - keyframes way off

I just used Mocha AE for the first time in the latest After Effects CC2014. I sent a short piece of footage from my AE comp, which was originally a Premiere Pro sequence that I imported (lots of live-action green screen clips). I tracked a hand in a short clip and created a mask shape around it; I copied the shape data to the clipboard and pasted a Mocha mask on the layer back in AE. The mask pasted fine but the motion keyframes were way off, like 3 minutes down the timeline. On closer inspection, I see that the tracking keyframes are being pasted to the ENTIRE source clip (which is very long) and not on frame one of the edited clip in the main comp. If I expand the comp length to reveal the keyframes I can cut and paste them to the correct spot but it’s an annoying workaround.

Not sure if there’s another workaround or way to fix this behavior. I’m on the latest Ae version and 4.0.1 of Mocha AE; is this going to be addressed in a future update? I was reading another thread where it was addressed in Mocha Pro but the fix doesn’t seem to have made it into Mocha AE.




We are working on a solution for this, but right now the workaround is moving those frames or actually trimming your clip and rendering it to the correct size. Sorry for the short response, our support team is currently at NAB and will be back on Monday the 20th.

Thanks for the response, I figured this week was bad for everybody with NAB going on :slight_smile: Glad you all are aware of the issue though.


Hi Mary

Any word on those updates? I still cannot past these keyframes properly. It’s been more than a year and a half.



If the issues is not fixed, will buying Mochaimport do the trick? I think I read somewhere that you said it would work, but I just wanted to be sure before I buy it.

I have a boatload of Premiere stuff I dump into AE, take to Mocha and then roundtrip. It becomes tedious after a while hunt keyframes and move them back where they belong.

Thanks again,



Try trimming the comp to the work area and seeing if that trims the frames properly for you before you jump into mocha. It will depend on your version as to whether or not this works. Applying the shape data out of the mocha Pro plugin directly in AE also fixes this issue. So the workarounds have improved since then, but I am not sure if mochaimport+ fixes this issue currently.