''Paste Mocha Camera'' Problem


I have tried to do camera solve. Mocha tracking and camera solve working very well no problem about it. However, I have clicked to ‘‘Export Camera Data’’ button but there is no ‘‘Paste Mocha Camera’’ box in my AE’s Edit.

Can you help me ?

Thank you.


You need to install the Mocha 3D Importer plug-in into AE to get that entry in the Edit menu. You can download it from here:

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Ohh Thank you so much it’s done.

Hi and Help!
I have installed the 3D camera importer into the specified plugin directory but see no reference to in in Mocha or aftereffects.
Apologies but I’m just picking up Mocha AE and am not 100% on the workflow to create a 3D Cameras, as you might in AE camera solver.
I’m able to create mask & apply position data to nulls etc but the camera thing has me beat!
Many thanks for any help.

Hi Rich,

It should be under “edit>paste mocha camera.” Can you try copying camera data out of Mocha Pro and seeing if you see the “paste mocha camera” option in AE?


The 3D Camera Solver Module is not included with Mocha AE, only Mocha Pro. So if you are using the bundled Mocha AE, features are limited to 2.5D planar tracking and masking. For many purposes, a planar track is more efficient than a 3D camera solve. Hope that makes sense.

You can find the comparison chart between Mocha AE and Mocha Pro here:

Thanks, Ross. I missed that it was Mocha AE instead of Mocha Pro.

Thanks both for the clarification. It is for matching camera to export to 3D apps (Modo) and rendering element 3D to match the comp. Guess planar mapping wont work unless that information to parented to a camera?

Right, you’d need a 3D camera to properly place a 3D object into the scene. And that’s only available in Mocha Pro.

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Hi. I hope you can help point me to a workflow with Mocha pro and 3D tracking.

So cool, I get the 3D camera side of things. Thank you. That tracks the camera so I can position and animate objects in the scene.

But… This is the bit that’s hurting my poor brain :slight_smile:

How do I track a 3D object that is moving to create a null that can drive a 3D model position (such as element 3D) on all axis of rotation and include Depth.

My poor little head is struggling to find the correct methodology.

Many thanks


Hi Rich,

Solve for the camera fist by tracking objects that are not “moving” in the shot like walls and floors. Then you track the moving object, and since you already have a camera, when you export the moving object it moves relative to the camera.

You can only match the movement of tracked objects in the scene, so you can link your 3D objects to your tracks, but if you try to place them in the scene in any location, they won’t line up. We are not a “full” camera tracker, so much as we solve for certain locations. As long as you solve for the location, you can insert 3D objects.

Try that and let me know if you have any more questions.


Thanks Mary.
Ok. Location based is fine using a target. This will be possible in pro, not AE. I’m happy to purchase but need to understand if I can solve the type of track I need.

Do you know a link to a specific boris tutorial?

Many thanks. Very much appreciated!

Hi Rich,

Please find an excellent series on our camera solver here:

Make sure you watch all three so you understand the fundamentals and then how to solve for a moving object.

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.


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