"Paste Mocha mask" greyed out - PLZ HELP!

So I’m using Mocha Pro on my After Effects.

However, whenever I try to paste Mocha Mask on my solid layer, the “Edit > Paste Mocha mask” option is greyed out.

How do I fix this problem? PLZ HELP!!!

This is an older workflow.In Mocha Pro 2020, in the effects panel you can select “Apply Matte” which will render the Mocha shapes to AE timeline. Use this option to retain variable edge feathering and motion blur.

Hope this helps.

Having said that, “Paste Mocha Mask” should still work when copying AE masks to the clipboard.

Which version of After Effects are you using? There have been some After Effects versions that had trouble updating the clipboard, which is usually why you wouldn’t be getting the mask data.