Paste Roto Node without Keyframes or Tracking Data?

Is it possible to paste a roto node without inheriting keyframe or tracking data?

I’m working on a logo paintouts in a doc. There’s an interview setup that occurs many times, and each time requires the same basic roto work.

Each shot is its own session in Si.

But since I’ve got my roto shapes already figured out, I’d like to start each session by copying the roto node from the previous. And from there, nudge all the shapes into place and retrack, possibly rekeyframe.

But when I copy / paste the Roto node, I inherit the previous shot’s tracking and keyframes. So there is an extra step of exposing all the layers and sublayers and deleting the tracking data, for starters.

What’s trickier is that the shots, of course, vary in length. So if I’m copying from a longer shot to a shorter shot, I might inherit a keyframe that’s not visible in the dope sheet of the target shot. It’s off “to the right” in red land. I can’t see or scroll to the keyframe to delete it, but delete it I must, because it influences the new track.

The only workaround I’ve found is to force create a new keyframe which I can see, right click it, select all, press delete, then I’m left with just the new keyframe I’ve created and can start working.

It’s a lot of steps to retain my shapes but shake off their old data.

PS - speaking of timeline navigation, I noticed certain shortcuts don’t work there. Tilde doesn’t = right click, as it does in the node tree, which is super handy, since I don’t have right click mapped to my Wacom Pen in Si.

No, this is not possible to do at this time.

You can temporarily change the Session length to get rid of the keyframes that extend beyond the length of the new shot. You could also copy and paste the roto node in it’s original session and delete the unwanted keyframes before copying and pasting it to the new session.

We’ll see if the tilde key can be enabled in the Timeline for a future update.

Thank you