Pasted data doesn't match Mocha Pro Standalone

Recently ran into a problem where pasted shapes, tracks, and stabilize data from Mocha Pro don’t match up in the target app. Was able to produce the problem in the latest versions of Mocha Pro, After Effects, and Fusion Studio.

What’s strange is the data mostly aligns or stabilizes with the broad motion, but smaller motion isn’t accounted for. It previews and renders perfectly in Mocha Pro standalone and inside the Mocha Pro plugins for both After Effects and Fusion Studio when using the Render Module option. It’s only when the data is exported to the native target app format that this happens. This makes stabilizing footage impossible.

I’ve been using Mocha with these apps for many years so there’s none of the typical problems like mismatched resolutions, framerates, pasting on the right frame, etc. Did something recently change? Having to use the plugin for everything can become slow when having to re-cache the clip on every open. This can really add up with larger clips.

The clip I’m using is a 24fps 4.6k ProRes 444 file direct from a Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro. Been using the exact combo for years without a problem so it makes me think something has changed I can’t pin down. I’m on a 2019 Mac Pro running macOS 11.1.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

This sounds like a bug, let me tag in @martinb.

@awkward_eagle can you try porting the clip over to an image sequence and see if you have the same problem? This may be to do with a frame reading issue in the clip itself.

Sorry for the late response. Using image sequence seems to work in Mocha, even when using the original Mov in AE or Fusion.