Pasting mocha shape data into AE glitching out?

Trying to do a simple roto in mocha, but when i paste in my data into after effects, some of the frames, the mask seems to be missing, completely dissapearing. A screen shot video of what i mean can found here;

Any ideas?

Your sample shows you selecting All Visible to export, but in Mocha, the spline ISN’T visible in the the interface. I’d say make sure they BOTH are visible first then export.

How do i know if it is visible or not and how do i change it?

Can you see it in the UI window? Other than that, the eyeball in Mocha’s layer panel needs to be on.

The eyeball in the layer panel is on, not quite sure what you mean

In AE you can also tap U twice to reveal the mask keyframes. There should be keyframes on every frame.

Then, check the blend mode of the AE masks. Set them to “Add.”

Or, it could be that your shape and track needs to be redone from scratch. Maybe something is corrupt there. I see on the blank frames when the one or both masks disappear, you do have a mask present in the lower left corner (very small yellow spline). You can analyze the key frame in AE and see what’s happening to the mask shape.

Or, you could just delete the bad keyframes in AE and AE will interpolate between the good keyframes. Might save you some work and be good enough

In your video, there’s ONLY the one spline shown & that’s for the body; there’s no VISIBLE spline around the Head. Yet when you paste into AE, there’s a 2nd Head mask that’s alternating between it and the Body mask. In Mocha, you selected All Visible for which shapes to export.

Drag the bottom of the bottom of the Layers Controls down so you can see ALL the splines in the project. Bet you’ll find that the Body spline has the eyeball on and yet is OFF for the Head spline.

No they are both on, i got round this by just going to ‘edit and paste’ in after effects instead of going to ‘paste mocha mask’. Must be a glitch because of older versions of software.

Weird. But why wasn’t your Head spline visible in the UI?

Well glad you got it sorted out.