Pasting Mocha Shape into After Effects causing resized images

Hi all,


I’m trying to paste a mask onto my footage in AE CC 2015, the only problem is once I paste the data in onto my layer in AE (same specs, same length, same res etc) the whole layer then resizes and compress to fit the mask as opposed to just creating a mask on the layer.


I’ve noticed that when I manually create a mask in AE under the Masks section a mask is called Mask 1, but when I paste a Mocha Mask in, it calls it Layer 1 under masks. I’m assuming there must be a way to differentiate importing the data as a mask as opposed to a layer?


Many Thanks!

Hi there, can you send a screenshot? If you can’t post a screenshot here, can you email us one to support? I need to see this to diagnose it. Boris FX | Contact Support