Patching a moustache

Hello, I have a shot with a Santa close up. He is wearing a beard that is not well attached at the moustache point. I tried to track the nose then the area surrounding the moustache then use the insertion module applying a frame of the shot warped at the moustache to make it more close to the skin and avoid the shadow. But with poor results. Is it the correct approach or should I use a different one?
You can see the shot here at 0:22


I would probably just use roto and feathering to move the mustache closer by duplicating the layer on top of itself and moving the mustache closer to his nose with an offset, that way the motion matches exactly without having to track. Then I would just roto that back over the top and add feathering at the bottom. Using a warp might be overkill for this shot. Especially since it’s a pretty rough track.

Thanks for the hint Mary!
I’d give it a go asap!

You were (obviously) right Mary!

You hint works well and the patch is pretty unnoticeable.

Thanks for your support!

I am glad that worked for you! I was sure it would! :slight_smile: