Performance Replacement Problem

OK so on my first attempt at fixing an actor’s eye drifting during a shot, it went perfectly. This one I’m a little stumped. My attempts look awful. I was wondering if Mary or another user has any tips for this situation. She blinks and her head is slightly different afterward. I would have direct messaged someone with this, but I don’t see that option in these forums. This really isn’t for public consumption so please respect that. I want her to keep her eyes in the direction they were in the beginning of the clip in stead of look off then back on.

Thanks for any advice.

PW: eyeball

Try replacing them both individually and make sure you use shear and perspective when you track to get the corner pin just right. You’ll probably have to do tighter roto on her eyes too and maybe only replace the whites and irises of her eyes instead of the whole eye, this might require making a cleanplate to use as a patch instead of a frame from the shot, as you might have to paint more white or iris in. It’s a slightly more tricky solve, but I think with some care and attention to roto and rock solid tracking you can get this shot nailed down.

Hope that helps!