Performance Replacement

So I just watched this tutorial you placed on the Vimeo channel. Wow, so easy! I had a shot from an older spot that has always bugged me and within 20 min. had it fixed. Very cool.

Here’s a quick loop of the fixed shot:

I didn’t tag the spot since the official spot hasn’t been fixed. Just a proof-of-concepts on a real shot. Came out pretty darn good.



Did you mean to link the same video twice or was there a new video you uploaded? I only see Martin’s video at

We’d love to see your shot!


Whoops! My bad.

Here is the correct link for the fix:

Hey, that’s great! Martin will be thrilled that he was able to inspire a real world fix to fast! Having the woman continue to look at the guy instead of flicking her eyes away really does help the performance for sure!

When the spot is out, we’d love to have some before and after shots, as we are in the process of putting our reel together for 2016. Let us know if you have anything else you’d like to share!

Great work,

This spot is no longer airing, but I’ve updated it with the eyeball performance fix that I posted a clip from. Also added a “mocha” tag.

FYI - the idea for the spot was to tie in when Lebron James went back to Cleveland. He does a routine with chalk before each home game to get the crowd going. Now it’s Honda blue! The dust was shot practically on a black background studio with lots of light from the sides. Then the magical unmult plugin for After Effects took care of the compositing in one click.

Thank you for sharing, I am glad you were able to make mocha work for you like a pro! :slight_smile: