Photo not so clear even I enlarge it

Each photo is png and file size are 8mb to 15mb.
High res photo when I load in pi as sequence I make the size large so it comes near the screen so I can see if it maintains the same original quality.

Does it lose original quality yes or no and we’re do I remove the blur or quality option

Hi there.

The short answer is yes, the quality will drop when the image is resized - this is an inevitable part of the scaling process. You might be better off downsizing the images yourself in another app like photoshop, then importing the resized images into Particle Illusion. A bigger image is not better in Particle Illusion as PI will have to scale a large image down so that the app can push these image sprites to the stage. There is no user level control over the upscale quality in PI.

It’s not really intended to be used in this way. Choose the highest size available when importing in PI, but it won’t be original quality.

Maybe can u put that in request update.
This is something that is needed