Photoshop and Lightroom results differ from Optics preview

Probably a setting I’m missing somewhere, but the image looks awesome in Optics (launched as plug-in from either Photoshop or Lightroom on Mac). Fiilter Render->Albicant Aura.

When returned to PS or LR, the image appears to have choked the atmospheric effect dramatically and is not usable.
Tried reducing to 8bit, same result. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Some filters require checking the result in Optics at Full resolution before rendering to get an accurate representation of what they will look like. The majority of filters at the default 2K Preview Resolution match the rendered result. For those that don’t, you need to select Full instead of 2K in the Viewer > Preview Resolution pop-up menu. These filters include: S_BleachBypass, S_Brush, Chromatic Aberration, DeNoise, Detail, S_EdgeRays, S_Etching, S_FilmDamage, S_FilmEffect, Film Stocks, Frost, Grain, Key Light, Looks, S_NightSky, Night Vision, S_RomanTile, Silk, S_VintageColor2Strip, S_VintageColor3Strip, S_ZapFrom and S_ZapTo.