Photoshop Clean Plate color space difference

Hi all,
I’m using the remove module. When I create a TIFF clean plate and open it up in photoshop, the color space appears to be different (it’s much darker). It matches in Mocha, but it makes it really hard to work with in Photoshop. Anyone know what’s going on?

Are you using the standalone application or plug-in? In Photoshop you can be apply view options to change your display without effecting the color space. View>proof setup.

Can you check your colorspace settings on your output frames in Mocha preferences and make sure it’s exporting at the same bit depth as your input? And can you check in Photoshop and make sure a color profile isn’t getting applied to your shot?

What version of Mocha are you using right now?

EDIT: When I look at the metadata, it looks like Mocha has switched from exporting clean plates at 32bit to 8bit. But I can’t figure out how to switch it back.

I’m using 2019.5.

I don’t see a setting to change the bit depth for exporting. And as far as I can tell, no color profile is being applied in Photoshop. The images appear that way in any other program I open them in.

I’m using the plugin.

I’m using the plugin.

So, are you saying that I can create a color space that matches the original just so it looks closer perceptually?


Ok, I think I figured it out! I had to change my AE settings to 32 bit, then delete the plugin, and start again! I guess AE sends to mocha whatever the project depth rate is.

Yes - When using the plug-in, Mocha uses the host’s color management profile.

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