Photoshop User New to Boris

Hi decided to take the plunge and add Boris FX to my editing routine and really impressed with the effects, it gives a level of editing which has surprised me - in a very positive way.
Using photoshop for many years is there a clip somewhere to show set ups for Boris. One which comes to mind is setting up my Wacom pad. Trying to set up my Wacom to use the EZ Mask ? Right Click on Mouse does not equate with Right click set up on Wacom? or does it?
Also when I go from Lightroom to Boris if keeps the last set of filters in Boris I used in the last piece of work I did? Is it meant to do that?
Sorry to put these in the forum but they are simple things and I could not find them anywhere.
If there is somewhere with the Boris and Adobe work flow etc / short cuts please point me in the direction. If not could there be a Forum set up for hints and suggestions for professional work flow. A crossover from Lightroom to Boris? I am trying to add it to my professional work flow and trying to work what works on which bit of kit I have got.
Once again really impressed with the system so far. Sometimes on Forums it is only negative.

Welcome @Chorlton
A Wacom pen right-click works when only a click is needed, but does not work for right-click and dragging in EZ Mask to paint the background. We’ll see if we can make that work. For the moment, select the Paint Background icon instead.

There is a feature in Photoshop for plug-ins to remember the last plug-in set-up and we have that enabled. That is why you see what your previously did. You can hit the Reset icon at the top left of the user interface to reset everything.

Make sure you check out Optics videos here:

Also, the User Guide accessible in the Optics Help menu is a good reference.