PI dirt/soot explosion

trying to create a soot/crash/explosion. all of the emitters lighten vs create a dirty dark look. soot creates the correct color but is a blob vs particles. any suggestions would be appreciated

Hi There!

If you have an example that you can share of the finished look that you’re shooting for that would help us to help you in attaining that look. I’m sure we can achieve the look you’re after but I don’t want to offer up suggestions for emitters to use without first having a clear picture of the target look. By the way, did you download and install the full emitter library after installing the software?


thanks for your reply. i’ve spent hours trying to make this one short effect work. as you can see, the “taxi” crashes thru the breakaway. while i don’t want it to look firework-y, or like a big explosion, i want to add some debris. this is the closest i’ve gotten. i tried the soot emitters but it didn’t look good. i
this is the closest i’ve gotten using a super sparkle emitter. i’d like to change the color to black so that i it looks like dirt being kicked up, not fire-y sparks. when i change the color to black in the gradient, the effect goes away presumably because there’s no alpha channel created to support the key. so it doesn’t. my time is short on this so please advise asap thanks!

Have you tried using a different apply/blending mode for the emitter? You can do this in the host side controls. Go to the Composite group, then select Alpha+ Apply Mode in the Composite Style pop-up. Then try some of the Apply Modes - perhaps Overlay or Multiply. To change the color, in the Particle Illusion UI, set the Tint Strength to 100 and change the Tint Color (Properties group at the top).

Please let me know if this helps.


i had to move on and will circle back to this later today… but one question. there are multiple places to select the color. one of which doesn’t seem to have any effect. which is the proper place to change the color from the orange you see here, to black? thanks