Pi freeze when trying to preview

New mac mini pro m2 maxed out. I open PI from Boris, after importing image to Boris from PS. I want to add motion particle effects to still, but if I try to preview it freezes and gives error notice host timed out.

What are the image dimensions?

I tried different dimensions to see if it would solve issues . Smallest was 2800x4200 jpeg to test if that was an issue and it behaved the same as a large file. Tried Tiff, tried jpeg, small and large…8 bit 16 bit…Thoughts?

Once PI is open (before you start playback or do anything), select “View Log File…” from the “Help” menu in PI. Scroll down to the bottom to find the most recent information, and see if there is any error indicated. Feel free to include the file (or copy and paste) here.

Or perhaps the best option is to contact support.


What’s the last lines (at the bottom of the file)? Presumably that will show the last thing that was logged before it crashes.