PI Licensing and Commercial Work

PI Licensing and Commercial Work

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I am using Particle Illusion standalone.
Can I use standalone to produce commercial work items?

I was happy to see on the BORIS website that the software is free and can be used freely, including for professional work, but I was confused when I read on one of the sales sites that the free PI standalone is not for commercial use and that I should consider purchasing one of the paid sets.

I’m also looking at plug-ins with AE in the future, so I’m having a hard time… If anyone understands this, could you please let me know?

(Thank you for reading this long article.)

Hi. Can you point me to the page that says that it’s not for commercial work? I don’t think that’s true but want to review it.


Thank you for your comment, Alan!

I apologize if my words are incorrect as I am using a translation site.

It is the FAQ section of an external site that sells licenses with Japanese support. Is it OK if I write the URL here?