PI Not Utilizing Full GPU Overclock Speed

Perhaps this is a limitation of OpenGL, perhaps PI isn’t 'seeing" that it can use moar GPU, perhaps I have it set up wrong. I just had the GPU auto-overclock, and it increased clock speed almost five fold. From 300Mhz to 1436Mhz. I was looking forward to a pretty nice performance boost in certain applications. Oh well.
Testing OpenCL next.
Thanks. Be well.

Overclocking isn’t like adding a new room that the application will automatically fill with furniture. It’s more like making the existing room bigger.

The key though is that it won’t automatically mean that any given app uses more of that room if it wasn’t filling it already.

If PI isn’t maxxing out the GPU before overclocking, it won’t be maxxing it out afterwards.

It may well be that on your system, PI isn’t GPU limited but is limited by other processing.

On the other hand, if you can run objective, repeatable, tests that show where PI could be improved, you’ll be able to give that to Boris so they can consider the results when they’re looking at performance.

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