PI RAM usage

Hi, not a complaint, just a query, is this expected from PI, RAM usage 9GB, it’s added to mp4 AVC in Vegas with one of the presets, ?
Like i say not complaining as PI seems to be running smoother than it ever has, just curious,

PI does a lot of caching, so this is not unexpected. In future releases we plan on adding more ways to control the amount of RAM PI will use.

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Thanks, recently since Vegas’s last update it’s been noticed that Vegas has been using RAM in a weird way & holding onto it,
Here in this pic nothing on the timeline, nothing in the project list, no proxies, no prerender or Dynamic ram set, closing Vegas cleared this down to my usual 10-14%, I’m lucky to have plenty of RAM but for others…
I was just checking to see if this was Vegas or PI expected behaviour,
Like i say PI is working well :blush::+1: thanks