PI Standalone does not start up

I downloaded the Free Standalone version 4 months ago and all was well. I hadn’t used the app in over a month, started again and all I get is a white start up screen and then the app crashes. I’ve down loaded the app with the latest version 3 times or more and the same events happen, white startup screen then crash. Nothing changed on my Dell 7750 graphics card 4095MB NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and 32.0GB ram. No issues with Mocha AE or Optical Illusion. Need help with getting this back to normal.

Two things to try (in this order):

  1. update your drivers from nvidia
  2. delete the PI preferences

To delete the preferences from the Registry, Look for:

Delete that key. (If you’re not comfortable editing the Registry, we will be releasing PI Standalone 2022.5 in the next couple of weeks – it has a way to delete your preferences easily.)

It Works…Thank you…Looking forward to the next release…


Did you have to reset the Preferences, or was it a driver issue?

(Your answer will help others)


Registry Delete…