PI UI Went Windowless Fullscreen Without Me Doing It. How do I Toggle That?

When I opened PI today, the UI was in a “full screen” state. Which is to say, the “Windows bar” thingee was gone, and only the PI menu took up the very top. There was no minimize, maximize/restore, or close buttons. (aka “windowless” mode). I’m quite sure that I hadn’t done that … but I wouldn’t put it past my cats. hehe
I’m fine with that. In fact, it is sometimes desirable in some software. I didn’t even realize PI could BE in that state, so that’s cool.
The thing is, I couldn’t figure out how to get it out of this mode. Furthermore, I have no idea how I got it INTO this mode. I checked all the menus, nothing in them regarding this. I tried the Windows std. F11 and ctrl-F11, but those didn’t work. I tried permutations of the ‘F’ key, along with shift, ctrl, and alt.
So what’s the keyboard command to get the UI both into and out of this state?
Thanks. :smiley:
EDIT: I ended up getting it out of this mode by using the Windows keyboard command “WinKey+Left Arrow” to place the window onto the left side of the screen. However, upon closing and reopening, it still opens in the “windowless” full-screen UI mode. … This happens only on my secondary monitor, which is set to a lower resolution (1600x900) because it is often useful to have a sort of “magnified” screen for apps with small fonts I find hard to read on my main monitor (1920x1080)

This is likely related to using multiple monitors, especially with mixed resolutions. Try Control+1 keyboard shortcut to see if that resets the layout for you.


It doesn’t, no. Just changes between the different view layouts.

I had this and was using dual screen. I reinstalled my NVidia drivers and rebooted and it cured it.