Pin Warp Transform Data

In the Pin Warp node Is it possible to attach tracking data to the “pin source” and “target” separately?

Unfortunately, no. Both the source and target use the same transform.

That is a shame. Is there a possibility for this function to be added to future releases. Being able to add tracker data directly to a property as well as a layer would make possible for more compositing tasks and greater uses/more options of Sapphire plugins as well.

Pin Warp was done implemented in it’s current for for simplicity. The comprehensive way to do it would be to assign separate transforms for each pin source and each pin target. So far, no one has requested this level of control. Of course, it can be considered for future versions.

All of the native Silhouette filters that have Transform parameters allow you to assign layer transforms to them.

As far as Sapphire is concerned, the plug-ins that have point controls have Mocha integrated where you can track those points using Mocha.

Thanks for the reply, appreciated. I understand that Sapphire comes with the tracker but if an area had already be tracked for another purpose it seams a shame to have to do it again with another tracker.