Pixel Chooser Magnetic tool Detail level greyed out

When using the Mocha Magnetic tool in pixel chooser BCC effect, the detail box always remained greyed out and you can’t change the number of points along a spline.

Hi Edittri,

After you close the magnetic shape, if you select Magnetic Tool again the Detail field should be

available to tweak.

Please let us know if this works.


  • Mukesh Shah


Hi Mukesh, This works in Mocha 2019 however stays greyed out when using BCC pixel chooser

Hi Editttri, can you provide the details on the exact versions of BCC & Mocha PC & also system specs including Host vers etc. for us to try & repro the problem here? Thanks.

Edittri, it seems you have the released version of BCC where I have reproed the problem. It is fixed in the later version which will be released soon. For now, please try deselecting & re-selecting the track to see if Detail field becomes available. Thanks.