Pixel chooser mask wrong size? Continuum-Vegas Pro 18

Hi, i’ve been practicing with Pixel chooser to create a mask to choose where i want an fx to affect but the mask is always reduced in size, I’ve tried different setups with the surface planer but whatever i do it’s smaller than shows in Mocha, this is a still jpg but i get the same in a video?
This is the mask

but the mask is wrong

Is there a setting that is reducing the size somewhere?
Thanks Gid

Sorry, i worked it out :+1::grin: The still images & videos i was using weren’t 1920 x 1080 which my project is, I saved the pic as a png using the Save Snapshot to file at the top of the preview screen, then reimported & it works doh!:man_facepalming::joy:

Glad to hear tat you were able to figure that out. Thanks for letting us know.


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